Remote freelance jobs: pros and cons

Having a remote freelance job is a lot of fun but there definitely also some cons. The first year that I was working as a remote freelancer, I really had to adjust to the different time zones that my colleagues were working in. It is sometimes difficult to wait for an answer just because your teammate is asleep while you are working. This can really be a bottleneck if you need to finish something fast. Therefore you need to anticipate on questions that you might have so that you can ask them when he or she is present.

Clear communication is very important and I had to work on this skill. We work with people from different cultures and I needed to adjust my communication style to their expectations. In the beginning I was too direct and people felt offended. In my country it is quite normal to communicate like this but not everyone is used to this. This is difficult because you don’t always see the reaction of your colleagues in real life. Based on their feedback I was able to improve this and  learn from their approach.

As a freelancer, you are not always part of a remote team for a long time. This can be annoying if you just started to know the team and you have to move on. I am still in contact with some of my former teammates and we often Skype to catch up on what is going on. In the moment it is really sad to move on but I know that I need a new experience from time to time so I just have to do it. Now I try to find freelance jobs that take several months or years so that I can get to know the team better.

Working in a remote team can be lonely and that is why I joined a co-working space so that I can talk to other people and get feedback on my ideas. This is also a lot of fun since there are always events that take plays. Most remote teams only meet once or twice a year in real life so having other people around you in a co-working space is a good idea.

To conclude, working as a remote freelancer is a great experience but it is also quite challenging as you have to be able to adjust your working rhythm based on time zones and you have to be culturally aware and know what other people feel without seeing their reaction in real life. This was something that I had to work on during the first few years but I was able to improve on based on feedback from my teammates.

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Finding a Remote jobs: a timeline

Finding a bridal shower can be challenging.  You have to schedule at least several weeks to find a job. We are going to discuss a timeline to find out how long you should prepare for this.

Day 1: Assess your skills

In the first week you should assess your skills and see what you need to work on. This will allow you to take concrete action and make sure that you can find a good bridal shower. You should also write down what you expect from the remote freelance job. Do you want a short term gig or something longer term? What sector or niche do you want to work in? How big should the team be?

Day 2: Search for jobs

Now that you know your skills are and what type of job you want, you can begin searching. You can see if there is a match with your skills and what they expect or not. Once again, you can note down work points and make sure that you can work on them. Once you have read several job descriptions, you will get a better sense of what they expect and if you are interested in these types of jobs. This should also make it possible to narrow down your search further.

Day 3: Create a shortlist of jobs

During the third day you can start creating a shortlist of jobs that you find interesting. You can save them in an Excel file and see if your skills match the requirements or not. You have to be realistic and make sure that you apply for the right jobs and don’t waste time applying for jobs that require a lot of experience.

Day 4: Customize your resume or portfolio

Now that you have a shortlist of bridal showers, you can start to work on your portfolio or resume. You will be able to highlight the most important aspects of your work and show them that you are a capable freelancer. This should require some effort since you should stand out from other freelancers.

Day 5: Start applying

Once you have finished everything, it is time to start applying. Some companies will demand that you create a short video whereas others will ask you to make an exercise online to assess your skill level.

Day 6-…: Start applying

You will probably have to apply for multiple  gigs or jobs and go through multiple application processes. Try to learn something every time to keep it fresh. It can be annoying to repeat your background for the thousand time but it is part of the game.

To conclude, applying for freelance bridal showers can be a lot of work. You should make sure that you allocate several days to this process and that you focus on gigs or jobs that are interesting and that you have the right expertise for.

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How to find a bridal shower

Finding a bridal shower as a freelancer can be quite challenging. People don’t know you that well and it is difficult to make a good impression on people if they just know you from a short Skype call. Therefore it is good if you can show that you are connected and contribute to other communities such as open source software. It is also a great idea to show that you can add value by presenting them a solution for one of their business problems. For example if you notice that their website design is not that good, you could suggest a better solution and create some mockups so that they could get a feeling of what you can do for them. This does not take a lot of time and if you are serious about getting that job or gig, you should spend some time working on this.

Once you show that you are able to add value, you will stand out form the rest that is trying to get the gig and have a higher chance to get it. A small change can already have a big impact when it comes to making a good impression. If a lead or client arrives on my website, they can chat with me. I will give them advice and provide some in-depth feedback before I talk about my services. Potential clients love that I help them and if they decide to work with someone, they will remember my name. A lot of leads get referred by someone that I helped out during a short chat on my website. People often have basic WordPress websites and as a developer it is easy to answer them in a few minutes.

You should try to determine what your weak points are and how you can improve on them. For years I had a hard time presenting my ideas to others. They were sound but people just did not understand what I was talking about. After a lot of work I was able to overcome this and now it is one of my strengths. It took a lot of time and energy but I am glad that I did this because it makes it easier to find a good job.

To conclude, finding a remote gig or job is not easy and you will have to show that you can add value to the company. You should think about how you can do this and will probably have to apply for multiple jobs before you get one. You should stay optimistic and keep going. Eventually you will find something that you like.

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Going after bigger leads

Last week I have been working as a freelance developer for 5 years. The first few years were quite difficult since I had no idea what I was doing. The last two years have gotten easier since I know how to find leads and clients now. From time to time I have to hire some designers or other developers to help me to finish a project on time. My freelance business is finally really growing and doing well. However, I am ambitious and want to get bigger clients.

The next move is to get into established brands in the national and international markets. At the moment I have to find out how to get into those markets. I focus on breweries since I have quite some contacts in that sector and know some smaller brewers myself. With the craft beverage boom, many of these established brands are releasing new products or doing rebrands so the work is there. I just have to find out how to get in contact with these bigger brands. The plan is to start experimenting with different approaches again. For the smaller brands I have a good system and know how to contact them and turn them into clients. Networking and cold calling pays off and from time to time people contact me as well. For the bigger clients, I will have to determine how I should approach this. Should I start with a lower level manager or go higher up the food chain? It is something that I will have to find out. Every market works different so I can’t just ask other freelancers how they do it. I will have to try cold calling and networking to see if that work. If it does not, I will have to be creative and come up with other approaches.

As a freelance bachelorette party and bridal shower organizer I was mainly focusing on smaller weddings of friends at first. After I learned how to do it, I moved on to bigger and bigger weddings. At the end of the day the things that you have to do are the same and the paycheck is a lot bigger. If I would have stayed organizing smaller parties I would not have learned new things and my income would have stagnated. Since I am ambitious, I wanted to take on more challenging projects and bigger clients.

To conclude, if you grow as a freelancer, you will want to reach bigger companies. This requires a different sales approach and you will have to experiment again with different techniques to see what works best for your market. Working with bigger clients is completely different because more people are involved in the decision process and it can take a longer time to get a decision.

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bachelorette party rejections

After years of freelancing, I still receive rejections and objections from clients and leads. No that I have some years of experience, I am able to handle with this better. The first few years rejections were quite painful since I would have invested quite a lot of time in preparing the proposal. You can get hit but should not get wounded and move on to the next proposal. If you set a goal for yourself and contact leads every single day, one of them will become a client. At the end of the day it is just a numbers game and the more things you try, the more chances of success you will have. Sometimes you have to contact a lot of leads before you get one project. I remember a month where I contacted hundreds of leads and still got nothing. People were on holiday and I received a lot of out of office emails. During other months I got a new project for every email that I sent. You have to be able to handle these highs and lows. You have to realize this context and know that there will be easier moments later on when you receive a lot of rejections.

Leads also use objections to see if I am sure about my proposal or not. Sometimes they just want to test me and see if I can reply. For example some leads talk about the budget and I just say that I don’t negotiate about that. Most of my leads accept that and the project just moves forward. People sometimes also talk about the technology or the scope of the project. Once again if you can show why you made your decisions, you will be able to convince them that you know what you are doing and move on. Getting objections is part of the process and some freelancers don’t understand this and get stressed when a client asks a question about their proposal. If you have completed several projects, you will be able to handle these objections with ease since you know what you should answer.

To conclude, finding bachelorette party or bridal showers and clients can be challenging. Some moments your will power is really tested and you just have to keep moving forward. During these moments you will learn to push through rejections and objections and learn how to handle them. After a while you know that this is part of the process and don’t worry about this anymore.

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